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Microfinance Program

Microfinance Club 2012 Officers


Brian Rowland - President

Michael Martinez - Co Vice President

Olivia Palms - Co Vice President

Andrew Zak - Treasurer

May Weiser - Secretary

2009/2010 Microfinance Program Brochure

Microfinance Program Description

BizED May/June 2007 Article (PDF)

Microfinance Program Staff

Microfinance Club

Speaker Series


Conferences and Workshops

Expanding Financial Access in Africa: Prospects and Innovations in Microfinance

Program Agenda


Marguerite Robinson, "Expanding Financial Access in Africa," April 19

Colin Sloand, "Overview of Access to Finance and Microfinance in Africa," April 19

Deborah Drake, "Transformations," April 19

Alex Silva, "Investment Opportunities," April 20

Todd Watkins, "New Technologies," April 20

Innovation Roadmapping Workshop: MIS

Courses in Microfinance

ECO 196 Microfinance Seminar (1 credit fall)

ECO 296 Microfinance (3 credit spring)

Study Abroad

Ghana  2009

Peru 2008

Honduras 2006